How to Get Better at Sales

Jonathan R. Holeton
2 min readNov 14, 2023

The Law of the Farm — Help others for FREE

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Stop wanting and trying to get people to buy. We should not care if someone buys or not. To do well and be successful, we must help others without expecting anything in return. One of the keys to happiness is having no expectations and stopping wanting and desiring material things.

A very wise person taught two rules:

1. Above all, we must love with all our heart and soul our Creator, God, the Source. Be eternally grateful to Father for doing and giving you everything you need, for giving you life, for giving you free will and letting you decide, and for sacrificing his only begotten son so that we, the children of God, may have a chance at eternal life and live with our Father if we accept Father’s forgiveness and get baptised (kill our old sinful self) by getting cleansed by the water.

2. Secondly, very much like the above and the below as well, we must also love our neighbors. Anyone other than ourselves. Neighbors in our neighborhood, anyone near us waiting in line, anyone from different countries—it doesn’t end with just Earth but also love and be kind to our neighbors in different galaxies and universes. We must treat them how we’d like to be treated. The Golden Rule We must also be good to ourselves and realize that our Creator, the Source, and Father is within us and within others and shines through ourselves and others when we do, and they do good deeds and work that help without expecting anything back.

In the video below, Myron Golden says it takes 7 hours of seeing you before someone gets used to you. In summary of the video, he says he has over 420 videos on his YouTube channel and that he posts short or longer videos every single day, giving away valuable tips, tricks, knowledge, how-tos, and tutorials 29 days out of a month, and only 1 day per month does he upload an offer that he is selling to his audience. His audience says to themselves, “I can’t believe he’s giving all of this for free," and they say, “If his free stuff is this awesome and helpful, his paid work or help has got to be extremely helpful.



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