How You Can Find Diamonds on the Ground

Jonathan R. Holeton
2 min readJan 27, 2024
Kimberlite Rock with a diamond in it.

Since 2020, during the pandemic and roughly when my mom, Lise Holeton, passed away, I’ve been fascinated by rocks. I’ve been collecting them ever since.

Whenever I’m at a gravel parking lot or gravel back alley or near a lake or river, I look down… and I search for interesting and cool-looking rocks.

You may wonder, Why do I do that? Well, I’ve come to realize that sometimes you can find “diamonds in the rough.” I learned this from my friend David back during the pandemic, when we both were addicted to pint. Luckily, since then we have both stopped that bad habit, but I still look for rocks, healthy rocks.

Sometimes I like to glue interesting rocks together to create miniature art, such as inuksuks and other miniatures. I’ll post some examples below:

Some of Arla & Jonathan R. Holeton’s Rock Art

I was doing some research, and I learned about a rock called the Kimberlite rock. These kimberlite rocks contain diamonds, and they can be found in Alberta, Canada. 4 hours north of Edmonton, 2 hours west of Edmonton, and in the southern parts of Alberta, I believe.

Isn’t it beautiful? I like the raw, natural beauty of the diamond embedded in the rock; it’s a captivating piece of art created by nature.

I want to take my family kimberlite hunting in the spring and summer and see what we’ll find.

They say you can find precious stones and gold as deposits in point bars. S curves in rivers and creeks.

Be sure to check out these S curves in any rivers and creeks you come across; you might find some really cool stones!



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