I’ve come to realize when we die our atoms stop moving and disperse Waves of our (I)nformation, our Energy, Soul or Spirit in all directions/dimensions of Space/Time.

Space/Time is Space over Time … which means Particles (Material) are over Waves. Waves are the base and foundation… the Cause of Particles.

When the denominator Wave is 0 and the numerator Particles is 0… we can say that equals to Energy of both 1 Energy AND 0 Energy… Binary of Existence which incorporates the Life circle 0 and the death circle 0… When we have two circles on top of each other it’s a figure 8. Eternity aka Infinity.

CEO of MindWave Studios Ltd, DriveBuy Delivery, FX-Wear and SecondNature. Love Innovation, Creativity and Enthusiasm. Currently developing POTHOLES feature.

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