Look How Far You’ve Gone!-WebAPP

Your Age & Anniversaries in Distance (km)

Animated Gif of our StarShip Sun flying through space around our Milky Way Galaxy at a speed of 800,000 Km/hour. There are 8,766 hours in an Earth year around our Sun, one Light Year. Ergo 720,000 Km/h x 8,766 hours = 6,311,520,000 Km or 6.31152 billion kilometers in one Light Year. I used ChatGPT to generate the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code for this “The Distance you’ve travelled * your Age or Anniversary Year” Web App. Animation by Rhys Thomas.
Rhys Taylor — http://rhysy.net/

This Web app converts your age or anniversary into the distance in kilometers you’ve traveled as a passenger on our Starship that is flying forward around our Milky Way Galaxy at 720,000 km/hour.

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