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Jonathan R. Holeton
3 min readJan 30, 2024

Ark of the Covenant

I found out about Cristofer Adrian of through my friend Titan Ross of Titanic Toys on Facebook. Cristofer is a VFX and practical FX artist who owns the Golden Armor website.




Here is Cristofer with one of his Arks built. He’s an incredible artist.

Ark built by Cristofer Adrian.
Ark was built by Cristofer Adrian.

To see the rest of his tutorials, go to his website here which takes you to his Ark tutorial build, and I believe he has the different parts for sale to build it. Shipping the ARK IN KIT FORM TO U.S. DESTINATIONS IS $275 (cost of packing materials, custom crating, and postage costs)


Holy Grail

RichardDCook on YouTube commented on this video, “The ‘real world’ cup would have been terracotta (red clay) to which gold leaf had been applied, and over the years much of the gold leaf has worn off. So it’s all red underneath with patches of gold remaining in places.”

We have a potter’s wheel my dad, Richard Holeton, bought for my mom, Lise Holeton, back in 1975 when I was born, so I will buy some red clay and attempt to make this prop in the original fashion.

I’m embedding this video on how to apply gold leaf to clay pottery for me to watch later when I do it and for you as well if you want to do it as well.

I think I’ll start my prop-building adventure by creating the Holy Grail. If it turns out well, I’ll have some available for sale, made to order, for anyone interested in buying their own replicas. I’ll have them for sale on my ETSY store, CulturePop Store. Co.

I had a drop-shipping store. I sold cool, geeky stuff like movie prop replicas from AliExpress, such as a plastic Holy Grail, but I received some complaints from some customers who said that it didn’t look like the Holy Grail in the Lost Ark, and possibly they were hoping it would be made of clay instead of plastic. So this time, I’ll try to recreate it myself and hopefully get it closer to screen-accurate.

I just found out about the Pythagoras Cup, aka the Greedy Cup siphon. You can see it here:

My YouTube friend from Greece teaches how to make them here, and you can buy them from his Etsy store.



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